Lake County Special Districts


Lake County, CA

Scope of Work

The catastrophic 2015 Valley Fire destroyed 193 out of 212 homes in the mountainous community of Anderson Springs. Re-build efforts required most of the home sites to convert from existing septic systems to public sewer connections. Brelje & Race planned and designed the new infrastructure for the collection and conveyance of wastewater from the Anderson Springs community to the Middletown Wastewater Treatment Plant including approximately 7 miles of varying diameter force main piping and other appurtenant facilities for a project buildout of approximately 300 single family homes.

A significant challenge was to identify a cost effective solution for the collection system that would be suitable for installation and operation in close proximity to a high quality trout stream. After evaluating three different options, a low pressure force main system utilizing individual grinder pumps was the most cost effective and reliable selection.

The force main design included hanging piping under vehicular and pedestrian bridges as to not disturb banks or streambeds. The design incorporated flexible and expanding joints allowing for thermal and seismic movements per Caltrans requirements.

Project Challenges

  • Limited funding available
  • Environmentally sensitive waterways and habitats
  • Cultural resource concerns

Solutions and Successes

  • Change orders totaled less than 1% of the contract price
  • Construction completed  6% under project budget

Project Team