City of Santa Rosa


Santa Rosa, CA

Scope of Work

New Divider Levee within the Existing West College Pond No. 1 allowing storage of recycled water on one side and high flow wastewater storage on the other. Recycled water storage at the West College Facility is a critical element in controlling suction side hydraulics for pumping stations on the City of Santa Rosa Urban Reuse water recycling system.

Project Challenges

  • Eliminate difficulties associated with operation of the pond in a dual-purpose fashion.
  • Determine optimal layout for levee to provide easy access and maintain gravity drainage for both ponds.

Solutions and Successes

  • Project complete within one year.
  • Increased usable depth in recycled water pond with new connection to pump station wet well.
  • Identified and capped sand channels within the bottom of the high flow storage pond, likely due to an old stream remnant, to eliminate a potential path for seepage.

Other notes of interest

  • Project included installation of 1,500 feet of 48-inch recycled water pipe, 450 feet of stormwater force main piping, over 27,500 cubic yards of grading, riprap rock slope protection, new pump station wet well connection.
  • Contractor successfully utilized AutoCAD generated surfaces for mass grading using GPS equipment, minimizing the need for construction staking and surveying during construction.

Project Team