Project Challenges

  • Small, rural communities with limited budgetary resources in need of water system improvements to replace aging and deteriorating infrastructure and equipment, develop new water sources and achieve compliance with ever-tightened regulatory agency requirements
  • District representatives with little experience with USDA Rural Development or State funding processes
  • Funding applications require specific environmental documents

Solutions and Successes

  • Funding opportunities in the form of affordable grants and loans for the development of necessary projects
  • Communities benefit from reliable, rehabilitated and/or new water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution facilities that typically include enhanced fire protection

Projects Include

  • Russian River County Water District -- Assessment District 2007-01 Improvements
  • Sweetwater Springs Water District -- Phase IV-B, Project 1 Water System Improvements
  • Branger Mutual Water Company -- Water Tank Replacement Project
  • City of Cloverdale -- Water System Improvements
  • Loch Lomond Mutual Water Company -- Water Distribution System Improvements
  • County of Sonoma -- CSA #41 - Salmon Creek Zone of Benefit Water Supply and Treatment Improvements
  • Anderson Springs Community Service District -- Water Storage Improvement Project
  • Palomino Lakes Mutual Water Company -- Water Supply and Treatment Improvements

Project Team