Climate Change and Climate Adaptation Planning

September 24, 2015

Science tells us that the climate is changing, primarily caused by human activities that emit CO2. California has been a leader in responding to climate change by implementing greenhouse gas mitigation policies to reduce CO2 emissions, thereby reducing climate change impacts. Unfortunately, the majority of the rest of the world is not taking action to curb CO2 emissions. Because CO2 emissions continue to increase, the need for climate adaptation planning (or, how do we plan and respond to the coming climate impacts associated with a warmer world) is necessary.

California’s First Climate Action Forum and Sonoma County’s Regional Climate Protection Authority

January 2, 2015

Despite ongoing efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, there is a growing recognition that the impacts of climate change are already occurring at current CO2 levels and we must begin planning to adapt to those changes. California held its first Climate Adaptation Forum (Forum) on August 19, 2014, and I was able to attend.