Windsor Oaks Vineyards


Windsor, CA

Scope of Work

  • Grading, drainage and erosion control plans/permitting for 250 acres of hillside vineyard development, estate home sites and private roads
  • New process wastewater, collection, treatment and reuse facilities for 42,000 case winery
  • Modification to outlet works of existing on-stream reservoir

Project Challenges

  • Site for new process wastewater treatment ponds located on an elevated bench above winery with difficult access.
  • Effluent storage pond site on steeply sloping terrain with difficult access.
  • Clearance of a grading permit violation issued by County of Sonoma for 750,000 cubic yards of cut and fill earthwork done prior to Brelje & Race involvement with project.

Solutions and Successes

  • Developed mitigation measures to eliminate any detrimental downstream effects, revised drainage system plans, and coordinated with regional, state and federal agencies to remediate areas where fill was placed in water courses.
  • Design of above ground, pier-supported pressurized effluent transmission pipeline across terrain that was inaccessible to heavy construction equipment.
  • On-stream reservoir outlet works modifications renewed ability to drawdown reservoir for maintenance and high runoff storage control.


Project Team