City of Rohnert Park


Rohnert Park, CA

Scope of Work

Site plan re-design, plans and specifications, environmental permitting, and construction management for a new 900,000 gallon water storage tank, access road and parallel, large diameter transmission mains.

Project Challenges

  • Requested changes to site piping design and the planned retaining wall in order to accommodate a future tank on the same site.
  • Known and discovered cultural resources on the site in several locations which affected planned design elements, requiring significant design modifications during construction.
  • Environmental permitting and mitigations required for constructing new access road crossing at Hinebaugh Creek.

Solutions and Successes

  • Worked closely with the City and regulatory authorities on site redesigns that met project objectives while minimizing impacts to cultural resources and protected wetlands.
  • The original arch culvert stream crossing was first altered to include twin arches using the same plates in an revised configuration, and after additional cultural resources were discovered, the arch was abandoned in favor of a weathering steel truss bridge with concrete decking.
  • The access road was intended for dual use as tank access and future class I bike path and hiking trail which posed strict design requirements for ADA compliance and restricted the grading and paving area on site.
  • The dual water pipelines serving the tank were rerouted for each redesign and required new supports to allow suspending the piping from the bridge structure, one on each side, minimizing impacts to the streambed.

Project Team