Oakmont Senior Living


Novato, CA

Scope of Work

Site plan development, permitting, and public and private civil improvement plans for a 78-unit senior assisted living and memory care project.

Project Challenges

  • Development on an infill site required upgrades to existing sanitary main and put development in close proximity to protected mature trees.
  • Stringent low-impact development standards necessitated the installation of a subterranean detention basin capable of treating and infiltrating stormwater on-site, maintaining run-off below pre-development levels during 10 and 25 year storm events.

Solutions and Successes

  • Worked closely with the sanitary district to establish a cost sharing agreement for upgrades to sewer capacity. Static pipe bursting over 490 feet of the existing 10” diameter sewer main with a new 12” diameter HDPE main reduced connection fees for the project and avoided damage to a heritage oak tree adjoining the site.
  • Identified an error in water connection fees and negotiated a fee reduction with the district, saving the client $290,000.

Project Team