Oakmont Senior Living


Santa Rosa, CA

Scope of Work

Site plan development, permit preparation and processing, and onsite/offsite civil improvement plans for the nation’s first high-end, senior, age-in-place facility for the LGBT community.

Project Challenges

  • Steep hillside and heavily wooded site was incompatible with the resident requisites of a step-free environment, walkable slopes, and barrier-free path of travel.
  • Geotechnical issues due and underlying ancient landslide.
  • Limited options for adequate vehicular access for firefighters and other emergency services, due to the trees along the back of the site and the golf course beyond.
  • Site conditions impacted the ability to comply with the City’s SUSMP requirements.
  • Typical systems used to capture and infiltrate storm water onsite were not viable, as introducing storm water into soils would tend to destabilize the site over time.

Solutions and Successes

  • Creative solutions to the site grading to ensure that the graded site would remain stable over the life of the project, and that the work required to ensure the stability would not destroy the groves of preserved trees, which were key to integrating the buildings into the hillside setting.
  • Worked closely with the Fire Department, the Golf Course owners, and the client’s fire protection consultant to determine an acceptable mix of direct and indirect access and alternative means and methods for emergency services.
  • Worked closely with the City to modify a storm water detention pond, across the street from the project site, so that the site could continue to meet its original storm water peak detention function, as well as provide for storm water treatment and infiltration. The plan gained the support of both the City of Santa Rosa and staff of the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Other Notes of Interest

Winner, ACEC-North Coast Chapter, 2014 Private Project of the Year.

Project Team